Pegroco Invest’s holdings

Pegroco invests in smaller and medium sized companies, predominantly in Sweden. We do not target specific business categories or sectors, we look for companies with an established market position and with a potential for growth.

Our investment idea is that we, with our collective know-how and experience, and our network, can be active owners. We can supplement the portfolio companies’ managements’ business ideas and entrepreneurship to together build additional value. It is this active ownership that differentiates Pegroco from most other investment companies.

We therefore often consider it an advantage if the company is in need of change. The need can be structural or business oriented. It can for example be when management wants to buy out the operation from the owners, or when the entrepreneur owner wants to expand the company to exploit new business opportunities but lacks resources. Or it can simply be when the owner wants to sell out after many years of hard work.

Pegroco always considers the possibility to speed up the growth process and value creation with supplementary acquisitions. Pegroco Invest invests from its own balance sheet and is therefore not dependent on fund financing and a fund’s typical time constraints. We put emphasis on the entrepreneur’s and the key personnel’s continued involvement in the operations we invest in. Normally we want the key personnel to play an active part in our collective “journey”.

If this description should in any way match your business situation, feel free to contact us for an exploratory meeting.

Main holdings

During 2018 Pegrocos main holdings had a combined turnover of 2 048 MSEK. Further to active holdings Pegroco has holdings in a number of other companies where Pegrocos owner’s share is smaller. Read more about each company under the menu Holdings.