FinWire is now the fastest growing financial news service in the Nordic region. The company has so far launched two news products/services. The first covers the small-cap market. This segment has grown rapidly during that last few years, both in Sweden and internationally. But news services have not kept pace. Here FinWire creates unique content for customers ranging from asset managers to day traders and private individuals.

The second focuses on social media. Twitter and blogs has had an explosive growth during the last few years. But what in this enormous flow of information is important? FinWire’s editors make a selection for customers working in the financial sector. Among FinWire’s customers are the bank Nordea, the daily financial newspaper Dagens Industri and the Internet bank Nordnet.

FinWire meets many of Pegrocoos investment criteria. The company has a unique market position and is far ahead of the competition on a fast-growing market, namely news services covering social media and the small-cap sector. The company’s management is experienced and business oriented and they themselves have a stake in the business.

With this foundation FinWire has an excellent opportunity to live up to its founders’ ambition to become a leading suppliers of news services in the Nordic region. Pegroco’s contribution is mainly within financing. FinWire’s focus is on organic growth but also acquisitions could be made, in which case Pegroco’s transactional experience can be a success factor.

Work is now concentrated on penetrating the market as quickly as possible, partly to create new business by reaching out to potential customers that are not yet aware of FinWire’s offering, and partly to pre-empt competitors’ possible launching of similar services.

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