Flexenclosure has now entered a challenging phase of rapid expansion. The market for the company’s products continues its fast growth, driven by the increased use of data transfer and mobile phones. Flexenclosure has two business areas based on the two product lines eSite™ and eCentre™.

eSite is a fully integrated hybrid power system for telecom sites. All over the world, mobile telecom networks are continually expanding, often into areas with limited or no access to power infrastructure. eSite is a modular diesel-battery hybrid power system, with power generated also by sun and wind, for off-grid and bad-grid cell sites.

eSite provides reliable and cost efficient power that can cut diesel power-related operating costs by up to 90 percent. These costs in turn make up around 70 percent of the total running cost for the site.

eCentre is a custom-designed prefabricated data centre building. It is a modular prefabricated alternative to traditional building structures. eCentre has a project duration typically five times shorter than a brick and mortar facility and better predictability in terms of time, cost, quality and energy efficiency. The need is primarily in emerging markets where eCentre enables a considerably faster expansion of capacity. This market segment is predicted to have a 30 percent annual growth rate during the coming years.

The customer base for eSite includes Bharti Airtel, Telenor, Apollo, MTN, Millicom and Zain. For data centres Flexenclosure is ”preferred supplier” to IBM. Flexenclosure has also been awarded a number of international prices, the latest being the Red Herring Top 100 Europe award as one of Europe’s most promising technology companies.

Flexenclosure has twenty years of experience and has made over 9 000 installations in over 50 countries. The company has its head office is in Stockholm, Sweden and its production and development facilities is in Vara, Sweden. It has sales offices in an additional seven countries.

Flexenclosures history goes back to 1990. The company was then part of Pharmadule/Emtunga and was a supplier of simple sheds to house the telecom network operators’ base station telecom equipment. In 2007, Pegroco bought Flexenclosure from its owner, British 3i. Under Pegroco’s guidance the company was restructured to focus on proprietary products with more added value. Other product lines were wound up. Production and development was moved from Estonia to Vara, Sweden. Competence was recruited within energy and controller technology and in software development. Large investments were made in product and market development. Under Pegrocos management the ownership structure has been strengthened in three steps, with Industrifonden in 2007, with 2AP in 2009 and with IFC in 2013