Professional services that add value

Pegroco Advisory offers professional services within M&A, financing and business development.

Broad experience with company transactions

We collectively have a broad experience of investment valuations and transaction priocesses. Pegrocos personnel have together over 75 years of experience from the private equity business and from over 250 transactions. We can therefore provide qualified advice in connection with buying or selling companies. We can manage the whole process, from the structuring of the deal and the identifying of potential buyers/sellers, to the closure.

Capital procurement

With our background within corporate finance and our wide business network, we are well equipped to manage capital procurement processes.

Develop business plans to build value

Pegrocos personnel also have hands-on experience of business development and of managing industrial operations. Many of us have worked in leading management positions in industry. We understand the dynamics of daily business operations. We can contribute to the identifying of expansion possibilities. Maybe the right way is to buy a competitor or a company with a complementary offering.

We can take the responsibility for the development of a business plan with the objective of building value. We can do both the strategic analysis and the numbers for the various alternatives. We are good at identifying the key value-building parts of a business process and at formulating a business plan thereafter. And we put great emphasis on that the business plan is both doable and easy to understand.

Feel free to contact us for a meeting to discuss how we could assist you.