Growth portfolio

Pegroco Invest invests in small to medium sized companies, primarily in Sweden. Our focus is companies with value growth potential. Pegroco strives to have a portfolio balanced between the investment categories Base and Growth. The company’s assessment is the this over time offers the best return to its shareholders.

In Pegroco’s growth portfolio there are several technology companies. Pegroco’s investments in these are based on that the technology offers the customer a major financial benefit, that it has good scalability, substantial competitive advantages and that it preferably is beneficial for the environment, i.e. the technology’s market penetration is assisted by an underlying environmental trend. The technology shall itself contribute to the improved environment. An example is the portfolio company Alelion. Its sales is supported by an underlying trend towards electrification of vehicles and the company’s energy storage systems contributes to the shift from diesel engines and lead/acid batteries to the more environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries – and at the same time saving hundreds of thousands of SEK pre truck over its life.

Holdings in the Growth portfolio

By March 31 2018 Pegroco had three holdings in the Growth portfolio that over the last twelve months (from second quarter 2017 to second quarter 2018) had combined revenues of 354 MSEK.

  • Flexenclosure, whose main business is IT-infrastructure with two business areas: Prefabricated modularized data centers and hybrid energy power management systems.
  • Mantex, whose main business is a technology for measuring and analysing raw materials for better process control for the biomass industry
  • Alelion, whose main business is energy storage technology, based on lithium-ion battery technology, primarily for industrial vehicles

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