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The 24Media Network is Sweden’s fastest growing media group. The group is targeted towards an audience that grew up with the internet and digital media. The group has around 80 co-workers and is based in central Stockholm. With close to six million visits to its sites every week it is Sweden’s largest media house for the target group 15-44 years old.

The business idea is to be Sweden’s most relevant channel for advertisers wanting to reach “digital natives” (people that grew up with the internet). In 2008 the news site Nyheter24 opened with the ambition to use the latest in digital to make fast and relevant news for the target group 15-44 years old. Since then Nyheter24 is established as one of the largest news channels in Sweden and has won awards for its journalism. In order to widen its operations with offerings that digitally engages the young target groups the group acquired Hamsterpaj (2009), the Nordic regions largest e-sport site Fragbite (2010) and the Haute Couture magazine Modette (2010), and thereby established the  Nyheter24-Group name

In 2011 the WYATT Media Group was acquired, which included the blog platform Blogg.se, the web based dictionary Tyda, and Netric Sales. Netric Sales is a SSP (Supply Side Platform) that helps publicists to optimise revenue from programmatic advertising sales. The company is today one of the leaders in this segment in the Nordic region. Adwell, a sales company within data enriched advertising sales, was acquired in 2012.

The group also works with supplementing the traditional sales of advertisements with consumer revenue, both through partnerships with e-retailers and through the development of its own e-commerce. The first example of the latter is the the group’s own site Happitude, which offers tailor-made messages on sweatshirts primarily to young women, a consumer group that is well represented within the company.

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