Case story: Diakrit

Diakrit is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of digital visualization solutions for all the sectors of the real estate industry, such as estate agents, property developers, and property resale and rental portals. The company has a unique comprehensive product portfolio from low-end floor plans to high-end photo-realistic 3D visualizations and rich media services. The products help the customers to sell their properties faster by making viewing of the properties more informative and more engaging.

Diakrit has its operative base in Bangkok where the company has over 400 employees. The visualizations are produced with Diakrit’s proprietary automated rich media engine production processes. This gives the company, also in an international perspective, a unique industrial scale production capacity to produce large volumes of 3D visualizations.

The main part of the company’s 1 500 customers are in Scandinavia. An international expansion started in 2013. Approximately 13 percent of the company’s sales are now outside Scandinavia, primarily in Germany and the USA.

Pegroco made its initial investment in Diakrit in 2004. Three important motives for the investment were that the company had a strong entrepreneurial and business oriented management, a unique business model that provided a sustainable competitive advantage and an underlying overall market growth.

Pegroco’s contribution to the company’s strong development has been to take the initiative and an active part in Diakrit’s restructuring of the Scandinavian market. With acquisitions of competitors in Sweden (2008) and in Norway and Denmark (2011) Diakrit now has a leading position in the region. Furthermore Pegroco initiated and led the development of the business plan that now is the basis for Diakrit’s current international expansion.

The company has grown by an average of 40 percent per year since its start in 2001 and reached a revenue of 165 million SEK in 2015. Diakrit has excellent opportunities to continue its rapid growth both in and outside Scandinavia. The international expansion that the company has begun may well result in an even faster growth rate. The need for Diakrit’s products and services is global, the business model is scalable and the competition is fragmented. It is Pegrocos assessment that Diakrit’s production processes give the company a cost advantage. Based on this it is Diakrit’s vision to become the world’s leading supplier of computer generated visualization products for the real estate industry. After the break-through on the US market in 2014 the company is well under way.

In February 2016 Diakrit was divested to the media group News Corp, Australia. When Pegroco made its initial investment Diakrit’s revenue was 4 million SEK, when Pegroco made its exit the revenue had increased to 165 million SEK.

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