Chemgroup Scandinavia AB offers services to streamline chemical handling and make it easy for customers to comply with legal requirements regarding chemical handling. The result is cost savings and a significant improvement of the customers’ working environment and environmental impact.

As compliance requirements for environmental and sustainability become stricter, chemicals and their handling are becoming an increasingly important issue, both in manufacturing industries and in municipal and regional operations. At the same time, while handling requires special knowledge, it rarely constitutes the core business of a company’s operations. Taken together, this creates a need for outsourcing that Chemgroup meets with its services.

The company was founded in 2011 and now has an annual turnover of around 20 million SEK with good profitability. The company has 16 employees consisting of chemists, toxicologists, environmental specialists, system developers and administrators and provides a wide range of services in chemical management such as risk assessments, systems, education and logistics solutions.

The company is based in Gothenburg and has a broad customer base in Sweden and also customers in Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, France, Japan and the USA. Chemgroup’s largest customer segment is manufacturing industry but Chemgroup’s services are asked for more and more also by public services operations.

Will become one of Pegroco’s hub companies
Pegroco sees Chemgroup as a hub within an interesting business area around which Pegroco can grow and build. Society’s requirements for safe chemical handling is increasing, which provides a good underlying market growth. Chemgroup’s business model is system based and the company’s ambition is to grow both into other market segments with similar requirements and into other regional markets.

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