Infraservice Group Scandinavia

Infraservice Group is a contractor in new construction and maintenance of railways, a market that is expected to grow strongly in the coming years. Since September 2020, the company is a subsidiary of Pegroco Transportation Holding AB.

Infraservice is active in the business areas Railway Contracts, Traffic and Transport, Machinery and Vehicles and El-Signal-Tele. The Railway Contracts business area delivers BEST contracts (Bana-El-Signal-Tele) linked to investments and maintenance in railways.

Infraservice was founded in 2009 and has customers mainly in infrastructure managers such as the Swedish Transport Administration but also construction and railway companies in the Nordic region.

The Swedish government is making a major investment in developing infrastructure in the coming years. Swedish railways are considered to have a large maintenance debt with neglected maintenance, at the same time they want to develop the infrastructure to meet existing and future environmental and socio-economic requirements.

According to the national plan, more than SEK 700 billion will be invested in infrastructure 2018-2029, of which approximately a quarter will be allocated to the operation and maintenance of existing railways. In addition to this, there are extensive investments allocated to the development of the entire Swedish transport system, including new construction of railways.

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