Mantex develops, manufactures and sells measuring equipment to non-invasively, automatically and in real time, analyse the quality of organic material flows. The analysis enables feed-forward based optimized control of production processes, which in turn enables large productivity gains. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden; it was founded in 2007 and has 13 employees.

Mantex system based on its proprietary patented X-ray technology and algorithms. The system evaluates the biomaterials’ characteristics, such as moisture content, ash content and calorific value, in order to provide information to the operator so that process controls can be set to fit the incoming raw material and in this way achieve the best possible process yield. The system combines an IoT (Internet of Things) connected X-ray scanner module that scans the material and with is software algorithms interprets and visualises the data. In this process the raw data is also supplied to the Mantex cloud based comprehensive reference data base which insures the relevance and safety of the measurement data. The system can measure on whole flows of material or on samples. It can be integrated with the plant control system and be used to automatically feed-forward control the production process. The technology can be used and adapted to number of different biomaterial based industry verticals. The company is currently focusing on two process industry applications, pulp and paper and bioenergy. Examples of other verticals are biogas and ethanol production.

Mantex’s products have been pilot-tested with leading international companies within these industries for a number of years. By measuring the quality of incoming biomaterial, such as wood chips, Mantex’s products have proven capable of enabling considerable cost savings.

Finwire has, as part of their #HemmaHos concept, produced a short film about Mantex. See it here #HemmaHos Mantex.

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