Nordic MRO

Nordic MRO is a leading independent one-stop-shop aircraft services provider, serving global and European customers. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and has permanent stations at Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. The customers are the airlines, both scheduled and charter airlines. The company has a strong customer base in companies such as SAS, City Jet, Volotea, and the defence alliance NATO (surveillance aircraft based in Venice, Italy).

Nordic MRO provides both the daily aircraft ”line maintenance” that is performed at the gate between flights, and all kinds of heavy, ”base maintenance” and other modifications and repairs that are performed in a hangar and for which the aircraft needs to be taken out of service.

Furthermore, Nordic MRO is an industry leading provider of services within Continuing Airworthiness Management through its fully owned subsidiary, Air Hudik Engineering. Air Hudik is a certified Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) and provides a full range of services to clients across the Nordic and European region. The services include development of maintenance programs, organizing of necessary modifications, repairs and maintenance work, the carrying out of technical inspections, and the management of technical documentation, for aircraft.

The maintenance of all aircraft is regulated in detail by authorities such as EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and all service providers must be certified. Nordic MRO is  certified under EASA Part 145 and Part M and is a certified provider of maintenance for most of the commonly used types of aircraft. Currently support is provided to clients operating the Airbus A320-series, there Boeing B737-series, the B717 and other types upon customer request.

Growth phase
Nordic MRO was formed in April 2016 when the owners of Priority Aero Maintenance and Got2echnics agreed to merge their respective aircraft services operations to form the Nordic region’s leading independent provider. Pegroco has been an active owner of Priority since 2009 and has been actively working for a consolidation of the Nordic aircraft services market. The company has now entered a strong growth phase. The company has its head office and a hangar at Arlanda Airport, (Stockholm, Sweden), permanent bases with hangars for base maintenance at Gothenburg (Landvetter airport) and Copenhagen (Kastrup airport), and line stations at the airports in Oslo and Malmö. During 2017, following customer requests, the company expanded its line service operations with five bases in Italy and one on Iceland. In 2018 the expansion continued when, on assignment to the airline Nordavia, Nordic MRO established three bases in Russia.

The underlying market has a healthy growth rate. The passenger volume continues to increase. There is a strong cost competitiveness between the airlines lead by low-cost operators such as Ryanair and Norwegian and the airlines are continuously looking for possible ways to increase flexibility and to reduce cost. To outsource aircraft maintenance is one such possibility. Aircraft maintenance constitutes around ten percent of aircraft costs.

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