Nordisk Bergteknik

Nordisk Bergteknik is today northern Europe’s largest provider of rock handling and foundation services. The Group has around 16 operational companies with strong positions and brands in the regional markets in Sweden and Norway

Nordisk Bergteknik is Pegroco’s largest hub-company. It was formed in 2016v when Pegroco acquired Norrbottens Bergteknik AB. Since then a number of additional acquisitions have been made and the company now has a turnover exceeding 1 billion SEK and over 750 employees. Operations are divided into two complementary business segments, Rock and Foundation. Rock comprises services such as drilling, blasting, wire cutting and rock reinforcement

Nordisk Bergteknik is a strategic partner in selected niches in the market for construction and contracting services in infrastructure and the mining industry. The company is already subcontractor to large contractors such as PEAB, Skanska och Veidekke. The large infrastructure projects and the increasing level of property development in Sweden and Norway means that within the foreseeable future there will be a strong underlying market growth of demand for the services that Nordisk Bergteknik offers. At the same time the business is fragmented which leaves possibilities for Nordisk Bergteknik to expand both by consolidating acquisitions and by growing into adjacent market niches.

Nordisk Bergteknik was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in oktober 2021.

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Nordisk Bergteknik