Stockholms Spårvägar

AB Stockholms Spårvägar was formed in 1987 by the foundation Stiftelsen Svenska Spårvägssällskapet to operate trams in Stockholm in the form of a museum. Since 1991 the company operates the Djurgården Line with these vintage trams. From 2011 the company also operates the regular tramline 7 with modern low-floor trams on commission by Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL).

AB Stockholms Spårvägar is a smaller but efficient customer oriented organization. The company has had a steady development and the shift towards making the company commercial has been successful. In 2014 the company, in competition with four established public transport operators, was awarded the rights to operate the tram lines 21 (Lidingöbanan) and 7 by Stockholms Landsting. The contract is for 8 + 4 years.

Pegroco has had good experience from similar business models, customer structures and operations from its engagement in Scandinavian Air Ambulance. Stockholms Spårvägar’s contracted commissions have recently been renewed, extended and are long term. The contracts are structured so that investments in infrastructure are made by the customer, which enables Stockholms Spårvägar to have a relatively light balance sheet. The company has a good management and solid competence within the business area. With this foundation Pegroco believes that possibilites for profitable expansion within public transport sector in the Nordic Region are good.

In accordance with the newly signed contract Stockholms Spårvägar will start operations of line 21 during the last quarter of 2015. The subsequent stronger financial position for the company will create good opportunities for further development of the company’s business.

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Stockholms Spårvägar