Pegroco Invest invests in small to medium sized companies, primarily in Sweden. Our focus is companies with value growth potential. 

Investment categories

Pegroco strives to have a portfolio balanced between the investment categories Base and Growth. The company’s assessment is the this over time offers the best return to its shareholders. Over the last twelve months, from second quarter 2017 to second quarter 2018, the holding in the Base and Growth portfolios had combined revenues of 1 366 Mkr. Further to these active holdings Pegroco also has holdings in a number of other companies where Pegrocos owner’s share is smaller. The companied turnover of the whole portfolio is 1 815 MSEK..

Other holdings

Further to the holdings in the Base and Growth portfolios Pegroco has investments in Nordic Furnaces AB, Hagabadet AB, Finwire AB, Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB, 24Media Network AB, Rabbalshede Kraft AB, Symbrio AB and ECO DC (EcoDataCenter) AB. Read more about the larger of these companies by clicking on the respective company here below.


Nordic Furnaces


Scandinavian Enviro Systems