Nowagruppen with offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo and Visby have approximately 65 employees today and a total turnover of approximately 170 msek during 2018.

Nowagruppen consist of the parent company Nowa Kommunikation AB active in media advisory, digital communication, concept and brand agency Gappio, event and design agency Stillback, analysis and insight specialist Habermax, idea and production agency ADV, marketing agency Tre art with business to business focus, Nowadays video and audio, strategic PR Nowa Empower and the communication agency DNA Agency.

“Within Nowagruppen we believe in being able to help with everything related to communication. Sometimes you hire us for only one purpose but knowing we can help with more present security and energy, that is why we have satisfied customers and enjoy it ourselves” – Anders Wallqvist Group CEO Nowagruppen

Pegroco became part-owner in Nowagruppen 2019 through a deal that made the news agency Finwire a part of Nowagruppen.

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